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Let’s Go for a Ride

Posted by BCS on September 28, 2008

A Mitsubishi Adventure utilized as a Mega Taxi

A Mitsubishi Adventure utilized as a Mega Taxi

View of the interior of an AUV Mega Taxi

View of the interior of an AUV Mega Taxi

As their “proper name” indicates, Mega Taxis (or FXs as they are popularly called now) were originally intended to serve the public as metered taxis. However, some time in the late 90s, someone had the brilliant idea of operating these public utility vehicles (PUV) as some sort of “higher-class” jeepneys.

At the onset of their new found business venture, the operators and/or drivers of these PUVs adapted the routes of jeepneys along the major thoroughfares of Metro Manila. Along with that, they imposed a minimum fare of P5.00 per person which has since rendered their meters useless.

The term “FX”, by the way, is derived from the name of Toyota’s successful brand of Asian Utility Vehicles (AUV), the Tamaraw FX which, at the time, were the most popular, if not, the only ones to be utilized as Mega Taxis. Nowadays, even after the introduction of various other AUV brands being used as Mega Taxis (e.g., Isuzu Crosswind, Mitsubishi Adventure, and the Tamaraw FX’s successor—the Toyota Revo), the term FX remains firmly attached to this mode of public transport.

The minimum fare for FXs is now set at 15 pesos, and increases at 5-peso incremements depending on the distance of the trip.


One Response to “Let’s Go for a Ride”

  1. carlota said

    walang ganito sa cebu. at least wala pa akong nakita.. V-hire lang dito and the minimum fare is set at 25 pesos… weeee

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