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At the Baluarte de Santa Barbara in Fort Santiago (October 4, 2008)

Posted by BCS on November 14, 2008

I’ve been to Fort Santiago many times, but it was only when I went there last October 4 that I saw the Baluarte de Santa Barbara open to the public. At the side of its entrance I saw this solitary and unassuming banner that announced the exhibit being held inside…

Entrance to the Baluarte de Santa Barbara

Entrance to the Baluarte de Santa Barbara

The Rizaliana Furniture Exhibit.

Since the entry fee cost only 10 pesos, I didn’t think twice about getting in.

As I paid the entrance fee to the guy at the table beside the door (he was actually the only person manning the exhibit at the time), I asked him if picture taking was allowed. And to my delight, he told me that it was.

At the lobby were a few displays, among which were two of Jose Rizal’s clothes, a replica of the infamous alcohol stove that Rizal used to hide his farewell message (the original is on display at the Rizal Shrine, just a few meters away from Baluarte de Santa Barbara), a couple of Rizaliana furniture, facsimiles of both Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, and many other books.


And, as one would expect, the main exhibit hall was filled with all sorts of furniture, among which were Rizal’s bed, Rizal’s washbasins, and many other pieces that were owned and used by the Mercado/Rizal family in their home in Calamba Laguna. All very beautiful and very well kept I must say.



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