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Cagayan State University (CSU) – Sanchez Mira Campus

Posted by BCS on January 13, 2009

Panorama shot of the Cagayan State University in Sanchez Mira

Panorama shot of the Cagayan State University in Sanchez Mira

The CSU Administration Building

The CSU Administration Building

Detail of the CSU Administration Building

Detail of the CSU Administration Building

Soccer goal and stage at the campus lawn

Soccer goal and stage at the campus lawn

Stage at the campus lawn

Stage at the campus lawn

Directory of the campus near the Administration Building

Directory of the campus near the Administration Building

CSU College of Education

CSU College of Education

CSU College of Information Technology

CSU College of Information Technology

CSU College of Arts and Sciences

CSU College of Arts and Sciences


37 Responses to “Cagayan State University (CSU) – Sanchez Mira Campus”

  1. rodney said

    laking hirap at pagod namin sa paglilinis sa campus na to. used to be a coconut plantation, saka nasa gitna niyan e mga thorny shrubs. with the help of our bolos, we weeded them out for two years. i am very proud of it!

    • BCS said

      Thanks for the added information, Rodney. Very interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚ I take it that you did that before the campus moved/got built there?

  2. rodney said

    yes, i am at third year when they began constructing that first building – now the college of education bldg., for my last two years in CSU, we have the class work every week to clean all the place. we have also assigned a plot to be planted with vegetable, on the east side of the school ground. two saturdays a month, we are also obligated to clean the place. it is a picnic every time we were there, ang init ng araw!

    only the college of education building was only concrete structure constructed then. but the star sections, where i belong, were not housed there. those who were at the lower sections had experienced staying there then. a structure made of plywood and steel roof without ceiling was our classroom then. it is like a punishment route that you excelled in class hu hu hu. anyway, the teachers said that we, from the star sections, have the tenacity to undertstand our schoolmates under those sections. this was also the way then to enhance their morale to study their lessons. nahihirapan na rin daw yung mga teachers namin sa kanila.

    we were the first class who graduated there at the campus. we were also the first class to conduct CAT excercises. we were really very proud then. 1998 class, where i belong, were pace sstters in all aspect, you name it, our 1998 class were there. from acting, dancing, excellence in class other curricular exercises AND SA KALOKOHAN. there was a time na we we, all boys, called up by our guidance counselor and requested our respective parents in order to be informed our adverse escapades. my lolo was the first who went in the school with a very wide smile. our adviser and the guidance counselor ended up advising my lolo with a very war smile and happy faces, too.

    we also have a project then to nurture a mango seedlings until we graduate, pag di nabuhay, hindi pipirmahan ang honorable dismissal mo. all of us, even the ladies, were always on guard of our mango seedlings. matagal ko nang hindi nakita yun kung gaano na kalaki at kung namumunga na. nasa east side na daan papasok yung akin. sana nabuhay na nga ng todo.

    • BCS said

      Thank you so much for all these added information! Appreciate it a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • JCLJQX said

      Hello kuya Rodney. I am studying at Cagayan State University – Sanchez Mira Campus. I just want to know the exact location where you planted the mango seedling so that I could look for it and inform you what happened to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • rodney said

        my mango tree which i personally planted is near the east gate if you come from centro 2. If my memory serves me right, it is within the first 15 columns as you enter on that gate. who is this JCL?

    • Narcitas Ouano said

      cir, we are very happy of your blogs about your HS experience here at SM, malalaki na yung mangga mo, marami na ring bunga, kinain na ng mga tricycle drivers, umuwi ka naman dito magdala ka red ribbon, best regards and good luck: Dr Dapang, Dr Ouano, Dr Melba Rosales, Dr Florentina Gulatera Reyes, Maam Oamil, Maam Bagasol, Maam Sensano, Maam Monje, Maam Aguidan.

      • Rodney said

        i really didn’t expect that my blog could be read by my mentors. though there were already a hell lot of changes, i stood in awe trying to recapture the moments when i saw the pictures of new CSU. a lot of difference when we, batch 1994, along with other batches who experienced having class at very sweltering gymnasium. when i first saw those pictures, i just filled in words that pictured my memories that first came to my mind. if you remember madam babes, the one i am referring to who directed us and invited our parents as well to go to guidance counselor, Mrs. Sensano is you. When we have time for bonding and drinking spree with my former classmates here in Manila, it is one of the topics that we cannot missed and we all laughed with our heart contents. my apologies to my former english teacher whom i admire… my experiences at CSU is a one of a kind, those were the days as they always say… indeed those were memories that will last for a

        also, i would like to give my regards to my other former mentors who are already PhDs, maybe the others are also PhD candidates, too… (ang seswerto na talaga mga estudyante po ngayon)

        Mam Upeng – My Science teacher. though there are really conflict at times and it is really a debatable issue, she really believes that science has correlations with some of the passages of the Holy Bible and the existence of God. By the way, where’s Lino madam? (my bath mate)

        Mam Melba – my other equally beautiful and excellent enclish teacher… the last time i met her was during the wedding of my kumpare and another classmate, Jonald…

        Mrs. Oamil – my teacher of Biology? during my first year at CSU… who happened to have a daughter and my crush then! hindi ko niligawan, natakot ako sa kanya… where is she madam?

        Mam Janet – where’s my cake… please be careful with the preparation that it may blow up para hindi na ako bibili sa Red Ribbon… just kidding po. my regards also to sir elmer…

        Mrs. Monje – my history teacher with a very feminine moves… history happened to be my favorite subject…

        Mam Anits – my Algebra Teacher. naku madam, ang klase natin ala una pa hanggang alas dos… pasensya na po kayo kung minsan nun e hindi po ako nakikinig. nakarma tuloy ako nung college, he he he po…

        Mam Flor – she may not be my teacher in a regular class but i do have her as reviewer for preparation of NCEE. buti na lang mataas ang grado ko nun…

        Eto na, Mrs. Sensano – tingnan nyo po ang kalokohan ko talaga. i have an infraction then during our elimination at CSU-Lallo. i had to write a promissory note stating I AM NOT GOING TO PROMISE THAT I WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN BECAUSE THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A TIME TO DO BAD THINGS AGAIN IN THE FUTURE… loko talaga ako no madam… . Thanks to Mrs. Viernes who was the one who imparted me to correct that promissory note. Excuse me Mr. Cacatian! ha ha ha … my apologies madam…

        to my other mentors, this space is not enough to give you also details about my exfeel elated that you read my blog madam. when i saw those pics, ang dami na talagang nagbago. I just put words that first came from my mind. my apologies to my former english adviser.

  3. pagunuran said

    this institution molded my brod into who he is today. you have equipped him with tools and relative knowledge he will use in his journey and he’s taking full advantage of them, reaping benefits in the process. may CSU continue to grow and blossom and help more people turn their dreams into reality. More power to you brother who came up with the idea of posting this pictures….

  4. CRJ said

    OMG! I missed my first school in college! I canโ€™t believe first college in province, and that is my dadโ€™s fault hehe, I thought my first college is in MANILA haha LOLZ but Iโ€™m happy now coz my life is back to normal I donโ€™t need any more to learn about Ilocano styles and also Ilocano languages KAHIRAR EH!:d Well my mom doesnโ€™t want me to visit on that province haha because of that stupid celebrity. :-$ Actually I missed a lot my cousin not the school. Hehe! โ€˜Til here! Just dropping by to get idea in school website but sad to say I got nothing haha! Anyway thanks! Good luck to all students there specially my graduating cousin! Lablab!

  5. jason addu said

    lam nio maganda ang ugali ng mga goro d2 as in

  6. ang ganda na pla ng school natin… may laban na tau!!! gogogo

  7. minnie juliette said

    Wow!grabe dami n pnagbago ng skul,to think that i just graduated 4 years ago!Hope to visit there soon.helo to all my teachers there.

  8. arvin ruiz said

    nice scholl

  9. arvin ruiz said

    nice school

  10. prince said

    hi..?how to find the name of your studen and bye batch???????

  11. prince said

    college level and my best frend laurene Delacruz she is my one of my frend in pamplona Cagayan………….

  12. prince said

    thx and nice college school.and my real name Patrick B Suarez from San juan…..thx @};-

  13. jose flores sumangil said

    hi..ako po si mr jose flores sumangil from cuyapo, nueva ecija.. may nakapag sabi po kase sa akin from pamplona, cagayan.. na yung matagal na naming hinahanap na kaibigan namin noong college days namin dito sa quezon city na si mr chito temporal ay dyan daw po sa csu, sanchez mira, Cagayan nag wo work. sana po paki sabi naman i text ako sa 0927-7748-353. o i add nya ako sa fb jose flores ssumangil. thank you very much. dios ti agngina apo..

  14. Larry P. Abot said

    to all my mentors, thank you so much. you are really my heroes. I’m proud that i was one of the products of this school, equipped with plenty of knowledge which are very useful in my profession this time.

  15. Cir, magtira k naman ikukwento namin, halos lhat nasabi mo ha. Naisip ko lng google name mo, kc naalala ka walter, cno cno daw mga lawyers na graduate sa CSU, na redirect ako d2.


  16. Jomel R. Dabalos said

    This is the very thing i won’t forget in this institution… “Once a CSUan, Always be a CSUan”.hehe…But most of all to my equally supportive and bright mentors… thank u so much for u have molded me to become a human engineer.

  17. anu po ang email add. ng college of education

  18. Florida Laguyo (Mrs. Oamil) said

    I was one of the first graduates of SMRVHS now CSU. My class had the privilege to experience the very beginnings of the school when it was transferred to Nagbarangan area before it was moved to the town proper. Most of my teachers are gone but I won’t forget their good examples and inspiration to us when we were striving to finish well in our studies. I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to come to a country with more opportunities for a better life for my family. I’m currently working as a librarian of one of the universities in South Carolina, U.S.A.

  19. romero21 said

    I experience here some unforgettable moment/………………..

  20. im a graduate of the science high school and i admit i miss csu-sm

  21. brylle quilario said

    hmmp…ok lng ang skul nyo…jejejeje…ingat…

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  24. mark said

    the Cagayan State University- Sanchez Mira campus had already a 2 story building although its not finish yet pero nagagamit na ang ibang rooms. Malapit naring matapos ang mga rooms sa CTE and in the library they had already installed air condition.

  25. myrna maglapay (andicoy) said

    march 11,2015

    hi CSU-SM
    1994-1998 BATCH…….MAM PACING MIZ U NA PO.

  26. liezel q. rambuyong said

    Hi, This is liezel from comprehensive credit services inc were an outsourcing company of bpo(call center) companies. here in mandaluyong.. May we request an active contact number or email add from your school for scholastics verification purposes for possible employment of your former student .

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