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Thoburn Memorial Academy – Sanchez Mira

Posted by BCS on January 14, 2009

Panorama shot of the Thoburn Memorial Academy in Sanchez Mira, Cagayan

Panorama shot of the Thoburn Memorial Academy in Sanchez Mira, Cagayan


16 Responses to “Thoburn Memorial Academy – Sanchez Mira”

  1. edmar cabitla said

    thank you for showing thouburn memorial academy’s picture. Hello!Class 1983-1984. I am from Dacal. I smiled when I remember the good times. Behind the old dormitoty, it was a perfect hide out. Thank you Thouburn Memorial Academy for educating me. See you soon!

  2. jemma said

    this is my beloved alma mater.. miss the good old days!

  3. celybeth vicente said

    i still remember that tree, if only that tree could talk, it has been a witness to many a girlish gossip…trust me, i know…

  4. Clovemin Campos said

    Hi there. I spent my HS Senior Year in this institution. I belong to Batch ’86. Hope to bridge a comm with them.

  5. Melandro Macalma said

    Hello to everybody at TMA! I am a 1969 graduate of this fine institution.
    I would like to hear from old friends, former classmates and teachers.

  6. bien academia said

    spent my junior and senior high school years in this highly regarded institution. i loved every minute of my stay. I miss my classmates Edmund Galapia, Myrna Negre, Flerida Tangonan & Cora Castellano circa 1962. thanks for the fond memories rekindled with your photo

    • vinia malto daguio capili said

      sir my auntie flerida here in las pinas and cavite Merry christmas

    • Merlyn C. Javier said

      Hi Bien, you forgot to mention my name, Merlyn Cudanes. You still remember me? I was just googling my best friend Myrna when This site showed up. How are you? Would love to connect with you and the rest of our classmates and other Thoburn alumni.

  7. albertmambollo said

    most worst

  8. edsel said

    my mom’s beloved alma mater,, ethel lacuanan yanit .. batch 19 ewan,,,

  9. I visited my mother just last week. I was in her lap for only 3 years. Then i drifted away for 23 years. My mother has turned much, much older than i have expected. She has terribly withered. Gone were the glorious looks i used to stare in awe. Gone were the the prestige that used to attract the brightest of the brightest. Her pioneer governesses have reached their trough and new good ones have failed to offer her service by the emergence of other moms that offer better tlc. My mom has a serious ailment. The ailment notwithstanding, she continues to rear her 150 or so children. Im just afraid she wont be able to survive and eventually die. My brothers and sisters, pls call on our other siblings. Lets be catalysts in saving our dear TMA. Lets plan on how to rescusitate one important person in our lives, without which, we may not be at where we are today. Otherwise, we shall all end up attending her funeral soon. – Erme Sadorra Labayog. erme@lawyer.com

  10. I mis my highskul life .i have so many learnd on dat time specialy attitude! Ngem kanayon nak lumayaw jay alad..haha,

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