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River in Baliw, Sanchez Mira

Posted by BCS on January 18, 2009

Panorama shot of the river in Baliw, Sanchez Mira, Cagayan

Panorama shot of the river in Baliw, Sanchez Mira, Cagayan

That’s the name of the place, Baliw. It’s pronounced slowly, by the way, as in Ba-liw (with emphasis on the extended “a” ).

When my brother-in-law, Mang Val, and I passed through this area going to the rice fields from the Thoburn Memorial Academy, Mang Val pointed out to me that it was in this river where he learned how to swim as a young boy.

My wife would later tell me that many children (including her) frolicked in this body of water in the past.

Mang Val, this one’s for you. πŸ™‚

My brother-in-law, Val Macalma atop the bridge over the river in Baliw, Sanchez Mira.

My brother-in-law, Val Macalma atop the bridge over the river in Baliw, Sanchez Mira.


17 Responses to “River in Baliw, Sanchez Mira”

  1. enzovalrigo said

    ganda ang kuha mo bry. thanks. sana hindi nila ako mapagkamalan na baliw, he he he. marami na ang nagview ng tanawin esp sa mga nasa abroad dahil invite glen mga friends niya to view ur blogs.

    • BCS said

      Inedit ko ng konte yung txt just to make it clear that Baliw is the name of the place. Nang hindi ka mapagkamalan. Hahahaha! Thank you! Thank you sa inyo ni Mang Glen. πŸ™‚

  2. rodney said

    i really miss this place!

  3. rodney said

    i learn to swim on that river. every summer, we were always there then. kantyawan yan sa mga hindi marunong lumangoy, patibayan ng dibdib para matuto ka. sa mga kantiaw na yun, you are being challenged to learn how to swim on your own.

    when we already learn to swim, you are obliged to be part of hide and seek in that river, you must not only have the stamina to swim faster and be in the water longer but you must also have the talent to hold your breath deep in the water and creep at the river bed. that is the best hide you must have and move until you ar being catched by the seeker. those were the days!

  4. rodney said

    hindi papayagan ni auntie Lydia nyan. saka panay kaming mga lalaki pag nagpupunta sa bukid. kawawa naman kung kasama pa siya. Delikado rin, lakasan ng loob talaga.

    What we have is a luxury of time and an accidental opportunity to go there. Kung buhay pa ang lola namin na napakaterror (tanong mo kay ethel), malamang hindi rin kami nakakasabak sa mga ilog, dagat at kabukiran. we would have been like ethel who was very sheltered.

  5. elo said

    i remember that river. maraming tagathoburn na natuli doon. i am not one of them, haha.

  6. ini ong said

    i attended TMA when i was second year high school but graduated in divine though. we often go to that river (BALIW) every lunch period kaya palagi kaming nao-office. i really miss the place. i was born there, i grew up there. but when i went to manila for college bihira na akong umuwi.then 1989 was my first flight abroad. 3 days to 5 days na lang ako dyan kung mag stay and this happens every year. and from 2000 up to now hindi pa ako umuuwi. thats why i really appreciatte you doing this. its not my nature but i really cried when i got first on this website.there were goosebumps evryparts in me. like now that im typing this.kinikilabutan na naman ako. whewww!!!!nakakamiss talaga. val,your brother in-law is my relative and we were elementary claSSmates.>>>>>>>>>>>> once again, thank you for creating this site..para na rin akong nakauwi kahit saglit. GOD bless and more power.

    • BCS said

      Reading your comment gave me goosebumps too… seriously. πŸ™‚ I never expected to get such kind of a reaction with my blog, but then it’s that kind of comment that really gets to the heart and makes doing this all worth my while. πŸ˜€

      You are very much welcome to it ini ong, and feel free to drop by any time. I’ll be telling Mang Val about you later. πŸ™‚

      Wish you all the best. πŸ™‚

    • edmar cabitla said

      I was a class 1983-1984 at TMA. Talking about the river (Baliw) after lunch it was a hide out place for the boys and some girls.

  7. Philip Balangatan said

    This is the bridge i used to pass by during my chilhood days. It used to be a wooden bridge. I miss my hometown.Pki-kumiusta po c lolo felipe sacramed…

  8. grc said

    actually the original bridge going to baliw was located east part of thoburn..btw i really appreciate bry for making this blog..

  9. grc said

    next time you drop by sanchez convince ethel/val to visit the ruins of the old bridge going to “baliw”..

  10. Merlyn C. Javier said

    Thank you for posting these photos. I am a first cousin of Val and was born and grew up in Sanchez. The photos brought back memories, and I’m truly grateful for folks like you who has the technical know how to post this on line, a great service indeed. I would like to connect with Glenda and Val, if it is possible. Thanks again.

  11. Robert Angel Castro Mercurio said

    I am a student of Cagayan State University-Sanchez Mira campus. To the owner of this blog, thank you po for giving me the idea and the sources for my next article. I never thought Sanchez Mira is hiding such wonderful places. This river I believe is full of precious memories shared by many people. So thank you so much po.. I hope to see you po in person.. πŸ™‚

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