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Beach in Dammang, Sanchez Mira

Posted by BCS on January 21, 2009

Panorama shot of the beach in Dammang, Sanchez Mira, Cagayan

Panorama shot of the beach in Dammang, Sanchez Mira, Cagayan

Monument/marker with the seal of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines

Monument/marker with the seal of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines

Camp Venancio G. Carrillo (Camp Site)

Camp Venancio G. Carrillo (Camp Site)

Nipa palms flourishing a few feet away from the beach

Nipa palms flourishing a few feet away from the beach

A cow grazing near the beach

A cow grazing near the beach

12 Responses to “Beach in Dammang, Sanchez Mira”

  1. Josh said

    Nice destination. A day with the family will be exciting!

  2. rodney said

    remember my childhood days, walking in this scenic view on our way to Carillo Village every summer.

    • BCS said

      Thanks for the comment, Rodney. Would love to hear more stories about the place… if you have any more that you’re willing to share, please do. 🙂

  3. rodney said

    as far as i know, there are 2 to 3 (provincial and regional boys scouts) jamborees conducted there at that site. pasdya talagang para para jamboree kasi malapit sa beach at may ilog dyan malapit. kaya lang ilog natabunan na at palipat lipat. hindi kapanipaniwala talaga, hanggang ngayon palaisipan sa akin kung nawawala.

    nung mga jamborees, maraming nagkakakasakit dahil malalaki ang mga lamok, galing siguro sa tubig. kaya siguro after that wala na talagang naka conduct na jamboree at biglang inilipat nun sa masisit. tandang tanda ko kasi pinanpanood namin kasama si mc2 at lolo namin na ang tawag namin tatang.

    sa carillo village naman, palagi kami diyan tuwing summer, ang gumagastos si uncle pepe, lahat kami kasama sa outing. muntik ngang nalunod si mc dun. masaya kami pagkagaling namin diyan pero sunog na sunog kami.

    • BCS said

      I believe I saw a small body of water which Mang Val told me was a river… it was just a few feet away from the sea shore. There is, however, another river nearby which is lined with Nipa palms. 🙂 Maybe we could get together one of these days and you can tell me all the stories that you have. 🙂 I’m sure Ethel would love to hear them as well, especially those that involve Papa Pepe. 🙂

  4. rodney said

    Late Uncle Pepe was very fond of cute children. Kawawa ang bata pag nakakakita siya, panay pisil sa mga matatabang pisngi.

    He has a motor issued by NSO, isa isa kaming isinasakay hanggat magdidilim. we usually go to the cemetery and he accelerates the motorbike in the maximum. we enjoyed it and really missed those moments!

  5. John said


    • i never xpect na naging clean and green ang dammang sanchez mira tandang tanda ko pa nun na prang d na magbabago ang place na ito pro at this time mababasa ko ang about dammang it was really great then..i admire those people who live at Dammang sanchez mira cagayan.

  6. grc said

    year 2002 the last provincial jamboree was held at carillo village,2 beses din jan venue LGU day,,actually during rainy season d yan madaanan sa laki ng tubig..@ rodney have you not notice a huge part of “bayuyu”? just apart from the stage madami jan nung bata pa kami,,And in addition to uncle pepe as what rodney said,he really loves little boys maybe beause he dreamed of having such,one thing i can’t forget kay uncle pepe he likes to “kurot” my cheecks..

  7. Warren said

    I like the place but captions should had been taken a lot more higher above the ground to put more emphasis on the beach. Anyhow, its a good place to be with.

  8. bien academia said

    I think the beach is still so far away from Dammang. It is closer to Dakal. Or right at the outskirts of Carillo Village.Dammang is not close to the beach, it is in the center of ricefields bounded by Imbacaan, Dakal, and Centro 2.It is not even close to a river. Thanks any way for publishing pictures about my beloved Sanchez Mira.

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