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A House Now Gone

Posted by BCS on June 29, 2009

Thatched roofed houses in Centro II, Sanchez Mira

Thatched roofed houses in Centro II, Sanchez Mira

In my first ever post on Sanchez Mira, I posted this photo to show what some houses in Sanchez Mira look like.

If I had taken this photo earlier (by just a few months) from the very same spot where I took it, it would’ve shown an entirely different image.

Notice the vacant lot on the foreground of the photo…

On that lot once stood a thatch-roofed wooden house which was so simple, so modest… so unpretentious. And it was beautiful for being so.

I was saddened to see the house already gone when we went there for the Christmas/New Year vacation last year and I regretted so much that I wasn’t able to take any pictures of it.

I thought that I will never see the house again.

But, I was wrong. And I can’t be any happier in being so.

Rodney, my wife’s cousin, sent me a photo of the house after he found out that I was blogging about his home town, Sanchez Mira.

The house... now gone.

The house... now gone.

To Rodney, sorry it took me so long to post this, I’ve been up to my neck with a lot of things lately. Nevertheless, I thank you endlessly for sending me this photo. I appreciate it a great lot!


4 Responses to “A House Now Gone”

  1. rodney said

    thanks, bayaw! i really don’t know the reason why i took photo of the said house. Maybe God works in a very mysterious ways that it made me foresee its future use. i will never abandon my lowly digicam with me.

  2. celybeth vicente said

    i am so ever humbled to know that someone who is not originally from our town thought of this idea. it made me so melancholic and brought tears to my eyes. i can’t thank you enough for reminding me, i once lived in such a house.

    • BCS said

      Here’s thanking you back, Celybeth, for visiting and commenting. 🙂

      I hope to be able to add more things to this blog soon. Take care.

  3. dave said

    yeah looks very mysterious. ancient filipino houses |Playgroup Singapore

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