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Welcome to tanawin.wordpress.com

Posted by BCS on September 17, 2008

Tanawin”, salitang tumutukoy sa mga tao o bagay na natatanaw o di kaya’y sa likas na kagandahan ng isang pook. Maaari ring gamitin ang salitang ito kapalit ng salitang “tingnan”.

In English… “scenery”. It can also be used to mean “look at”.

I’ve been inspired to put up my own photoblog after seeing some wonderful ones during my numerous “blog-hopping” sessions. So, here I am, with one foot through the door.

To be honest, I have not yet any idea on when I will be able to get this going or if I will be able to keep this up at all when I do. Don’t get me wrong, I have loads of ideas for this… it’s TIME that I don’t have much of. That, and (I think) our digital camera is starting to show signs of giving up.

On a lighter note, I am VERY happy that I was able to claim the word “tanawin” for my WordPress URL.

Anyway, allow me to present to you…


Thank you Pusa, Señor Enrique, and Carlota for the inspiration. 🙂

Update (September 24, 2008):

Note to self: Have you forgotten that you intended this to be a photoblog? Why is it your posts have more words than there are photographs?


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