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The Sanchez Mira Interaction Group (SMIG)

Posted by BCS on January 25, 2009

Sanchez Mira Interaction Group (SMIG)

Sanchez Mira Interaction Group (SMIG)

SMIG stands for Sanchez Mira Interaction Group, a volunteer group officially formed on August 8, 2008 with the commitment to provide a helping hand to anyone who may need it. The group is currently composed of 40 active members, all of whom are ready to provide assistance anytime, most especially during times of disasters and calamities as well as in activities/events where public safety is a major concern.

Some of the SMIG members

Some of th SMIG members


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A Big Mess…

Posted by BCS on December 12, 2008

One afternoon, about two weeks ago, a truck passed through the intersection of Ongpin and Quintin Paredes Streets (corner of Binondo Church), leaving behind this mess.

The scene of the mishap

The scene of the mishap

A part of the truck had snagged some electric cables and the driver did not notice it until it was already too late. As the driver propelled his truck forward, two electric posts fell, bringing down with them huge bunches of thick cables, thus obstructing what had always been a very busy and congested stretch of road.

Volunteers trying to cut the fallen electric cables

Volunteers trying to cut the fallen electric cables

Volunteers trying to cut the fallen electric cables

Volunteers trying to cut the fallen electric cables

These photographs were taken on December 7, 2008, several days after the mishap occurred. The guys seen on the photos working on the mess are actually volunteers from the nearby fire brigade and other concerned individuals from the neighborhood. There was not a single Meralco man in sight.

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Making a Living

Posted by BCS on November 21, 2008

Cigarette and Mentholated Candy Vendor (Photo taken on November 10, 2008)

Cigarette and Mentholated Candy/Gum Vendor... I just have to mention that. 😛 (Photo taken on November 10, 2008)

Japan and the Euro Zone are already in recession… and the U.S., well, although it hasn’t been formally declared yet, private-sector economists believe that the U.S. economy has been in recession since last April which will last for 14 months.

China, who’s still dealing with the troubles caused by its unsafe products, is also feeling the effects of the global economic crisis with its central bank saying that the risk of a downturn in its economy is rising.

Locally, Advanced Contact Solutions Inc. (ACS), a business process outsourcing (BPO) company, has retrenched a fifth of its total workforce (about 900 employees) earlier this week after losing a major US-based client.

Also affected are the country’s exporters who are currently experiencing a big decrease in sales.

Confidence index of the business sector is at -6.8 percent for the last quarter of this year and possibilities loom that we may be in for the gloomiest Christmas Season since 2001.

On the brighter side, fuel companies are rolling back prices (which, some say, will occur at least twice every week until the end of the year). And, to the delight of OFWs (but to the dismay of importers), the Peso is getting weaker against the U.S. Dollar (which, as of 9:23am today, is at 49.999 pesos, from the previous close of 49.89).

Oh, life…

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