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Sanchez Mira, Cagayan

Welcome arch at the border of Sanchez Mira and Pamplona

Welcome arch at the border of Sanchez Mira and Pamplona

Peaceful and calm are the two words that come to my mind whenever I’m asked to describe the place.

It’s been nearly a decade when I first heard of the place, and it took about five years after that before I would set foot on its soil, take a whiff of its fresh air, and fall in love with it instantly.

Last December (over the wonderfully long yuletide break) my family and I went there for more than a week… the longest I’ve stayed in the place. And I thought of this… a series on the wonderful place called Sanchez Mira which ran on this blog from January 5 to 25, 2009.

This page shall serve as the index page for the series. Below is the list of posts related to this series.

Note: To come back to this page, just click on the “Sanchez Mira” tab on the navigation bar.

Sanchez Mira, Cagayan

Sanchez Mira Public Market

Rizal Park in Sanchez Mira

Balik-SM Building Pasalubong Center (Sanchez Mira)

Sanchez Mira in Panorama

Sanchez Mira Town Hall

ABC Hall/People’s Gym (Sanchez Mira)

Sanchez Mira United Methodist Church

Cagayan State University (CSU) – Sanchez Mira Campus

Thoburn Memorial Academy – Sanchez Mira

Sanchez Mira Central Elementary School

Divine Word High School – Sanchez Mira

Clara’s Learning Center – Sanchez Mira

River in Baliw, Sanchez Mira

Rice Fields in Baliw, Sanchez Mira

Rice Fields of Dammang, Sanchez Mira

Beach in Dammang, Sanchez Mira

The Mascoop MDLC Training Center and Resort in Masisit, Sanchez Mira

Naguguran Beach, Sanchez Mira, Cagayan

Cockpit in Sanchez Mira, Cagayan

The Sanchez Mira Interaction Group (SMIG)

Ruins of Cagayan’s First Church

Balik-SM Building Pasalubong Center (Sanchez Mira) – An Update

A House Now Gone



4 Responses to “Sanchez Mira, Cagayan”

  1. There’s too much more interesting in Sanchez Mira like the PIKKANG”FALLS” Its in the middle of the mountain if you go to the field in San Andres Sanchez Mira.Another one CAVE in Minanga, Namuac Sanchez Mira. Inside the cave are tables made of stones wherein it’s believe to be a nook for the spaniards/japanese during the war. The cave was believe to be connected to a cave in Ilocos region.Many foreighners tried to pass through it but nobody gets back anyway.


    Forgot to put Mr and Mrs Soriano

  3. Nicole said

    Thank you for your posts on Sanchez Mira! I’m a young Manilena now based in Ilagan, Isabela and have been going around the Isabela-Cagayan region on weekends. I usually go to Claveria and Sta. Ana to unwind. I’ve been planning on visiting Sanchez Mira but have been finding it difficult to research on places to visit and stay there. Your posts on the town are really helpful, and hopefully I’ll be able to visit Sanchez Mira soon.

  4. louie said

    where do i can find here the “CAC” residence here?

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